Student Support

Student Support

Induction Program

The induction program is an intensive 2-day program which is carried out at the start of the each quarter. The induction process is repeated prior to the start of taught classes in Spring Semester (in cases of a Spring entry point for new students).

The induction program has proven over the years to be of great help in reducing the anxiety of students. The induction program addresses issues related to:

  • Tour of facilities.
  • Introduction of key personnel.
  • Differences between the Greek vs. British and American educational system.
  • Introduction to effective learning strategies.
  • Allocation of a personal tutor.
  • Student Services & student union.
  • Computing facilities and media facilities.
  • “City Unity College” library & associated libraries.
  • Critical thinking tutorials.
  • Academic regulations.
  • Health and safety regulations.

In essence, during this induction period, sessions are arranged to introduce students to their program of study and to assist each one of them in gearing themselves towards getting the best of the existing facilities and infrastructure. A very important aim of this induction event is to acquaint students in regards to the best and most efficient way of obtaining help. As a result, attendance at induction is mandatory for the entire period.

Personal Tutoring

A personal tutor will be allocated to cohorts of students. S/he will arrange a brief introductory meeting with the students during enrollment and normally a follow-up meeting about 2-3 weeks later. There are also timetabled group tutorial sessions as well as sign-up sheet for students to book an individual meeting with their tutor. As soon as students have a problem, they should book a meeting. Even if students do not encounter any particular challenges, we encourage them to arrange to meet with their tutor at least once every quarter.

Tutorial / Seminar System

The tutorial/seminar systems are the main vehicles for supporting learners. Their main aim is to reinforce lecture material and to encourage the learner to read through and think through aspects of the subject area covered in a unit.

City Unity Counseling Center

Emotional and mental distress is just as real as physical pain. At City Unity’s College Counseling Center, we understand students’ struggles and are dedicated to helping them deal with them as effectively as possible. The counseling center provides the support students need to address their concerns. Day and evening appointments accommodate students’ busy schedule. The CityU Counseling Centre is conveniently located at City Unity College.

Year Leaders

Students are grouped by specialty or year of study and each group is supervised by a Progress Manager. The role of the Progress Manager is to provide students with support to achieve the maximum in both their academic progress, and personal development.

Through scheduled group and/or personal meetings, the Personal Tutor informs students about all aspects of student life at City Unity College, provides consulting services and ensures that the study environment and education offered at City meet the highest standards. Typically, the Personal Tutor schedules with each student a personal meeting, 2-3 weeks later after the first, to see if any problems are resolved.

City Unity College recommends that all students should have a personal meeting at least once a quarter with their Personal Tutor, even if they do not worry about any specific issue.


Evey year CityU’s Student Union organizes a number of events in order to promote various social messages.


Each year City Unity College organizes educational trips for students in various parts of Cyprus. Students from various countries attending City Unity College through the study abroad program participate in these tours, too. Thus, both local and foreign students develop friendly relations with each other, broaden their cultural horizons, transfer their ideas and understand the differences and similarities of their culture.


Parties are organized with active participation of students, graduates, professors and administrative staff. Through such events everybody have the opportunity to have a pleasant time with a lot of fun and feel free from the daily routine and study obligations.

Sports Activities

City Unity College encourages students to get involved with sports and exercise providing them with all the necessary support for organizing various sports events.

Every year the CityU Student Union recruits soccer and basketball teams and participates in various student competitions.

Students rights and obligations

a. Students must complete their study obligations as indicated in the curriculum of their Program of Study.

b. Students are required to attend courses based on the curriculum of their Program of Study.

c. Students are required to arrive on time for their classes.

d. Students receive awards and scholarships under the regulations of the College.

e. Students may meet any member of the academic staff according to each professor’s personal schedule. The days and times are announced the beginning of each quarter. They can also meet the heads of College’s upon request.

f. Students may submit applications for various issues in the Front Desk of the College. Requests are answered in a reasonable time, orally or in writing by the Front Desk Officer.

g. Students participate, through their legal representatives, in the administrative activities of the College, and contribute to the educational processes of the college in general.

h. Students must fulfill their financial obligations to the college.

i. Students must always respect and adhere to the Codes of Ethics and Propriety.

Intensive English

Students who need extra support in the use of English language are given the option to be enrolled in the Intensive English Courses, which are offered on the College’s premises. Intensive English Courses aim to the direct improvement of students’ academic performance.

Through valid evaluation processes, students are classified at levels, which represent their capabilities, so as to be ensured that they will take the Intensive English Course that is appropriate for them.