Bachelor in Culinary Arts (CityU)

Aim of the programme

Our Culinary Arts 4 year, 240 ECTS, Bachelor Degree programme was developed taking into account the industry’s human resource need for specialists/graduates in cookery, bakery and pastry arts. This programme is intended to train ambitious entrepreneurs in the fields of cookery, bakery & pastry by building on the strengths of the foundational culinary arts curriculum.

The international hospitality and tourism industry represents a wide range of businesses and City Unity College Nicosia aims to turn its prospective students into Professional Cooks with enthusiasm, professional skills and an open vision.

The programme will allow students to master the fundamentals of culinary arts, develop their palate and senses by exploring different techniques, ingredients and world cuisines.

The programme equips students with the necessary knowledge and experience in the field of culinary arts, developing managerial level skills, aiming for the ultimate goal of a dynamic career in the field of food arts. Further, our expert faculty, with their extensive academic & professional experience, acquaint students with the latest developments in the cookery, bakery & pastry industry.

Language of Instruction


Programme Duration ECTS / (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System)

4 Years / 240 ECTS


MTCU-100 Basic Principles of Cooking
MTCU-102 Hygiene, Nutrition and Food Safety
MTCU-104 Basic Menu Principles
MTCU-106 Breakfast
MTCU-108 Broths, Soups and Sauces
MTCU-110 Introduction to Garde Manger
MTCU-112 French Language and Culture
MTCU-114 Technology and Confectionery laboratory Ι
MTCU- 116 Preparation of meat, poultry and game
ΜΤCU-118 Basic Cooking Methods
MTCU-120 Purchasing and store Materials
MTCU-122 Mathematical Applications in Cooking
MTCU-124 Internship I
MTCU-200 Fundamentals of Seafood and Shellfish
MTCU-202 Garde Manger
MTCU-204 Preparation of Legumes and Vegetables
MTCU- 206 Kitchen and Installation Design
MTCU-208 Professional Culinary French Language
ΜΤCU-210 Fundamentals of Pasta & farinaceous
MTCU-212 Technology and Bakery Laboratory I
MTCU-214 Mediterranean cuisine
MTCU-216 Herbs, Spices and Oils
MTCU-218 Purchasing and store Materials
MTCU-220 Internship II
MTCU-300 Mass Production Techniques - Commercial Cooking
MTCU-302 Buffet Service Preparation
MTCU-304 Confectionery Technology and Laboratory II
MTCU-306 General Business Skills
MTCU-308 Enology and Cuisine
MTCU-310 Food and Beverage Costing
MTCU-314 Vegetarian Cuisine
ΑΖCU-412 International Cuisine
ΑΖCU-400 Asian Cuisine
ΑΖCU-332 Italian Cuisine
ΑΖCU-328 Professionalism and Hospitality
ΑΖCU-324 Restaurant Operations
MTCU-322 Internship IΙΙ
MTCU-400 Innovation and Culinary Creations
MTCU-402 Bakery Technology and Laboratory II
MTCU-404 Cyprus Cuisine Origin and Influences
MTCU-406 Food Event Planning & Design
MTCU-408 Food Wastage
ΜΤCU-424 Small Business Management
MTCU-410 Hospitality Marketing
MTCU–412 Presentation and Decoration, Food Plating-Food Styling
MTCU-414 Molecular and Modern Kitchen
MTCU-416 Food Product Development
ΜΤCU-420 Final Year Project in Culinary Arts

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Teaching Methods

Students can design, with their professors’ assistance, their method of studying. At the same time, the course structure and the various teaching methods have been designed to support this practice. Micro-teaching is encouraged through the use of specific international practices such as case studies, while practical training is complemented by the use of appropriate materials, videos, computer software, etc.

The teaching material is presented through a mix of lectures, seminars and workshops. *Some teaching methods might not apply to all subjects.


An effective way of presenting the educational material in an interactive and collaborative way

Tutorial meetings

Provided to assist students with any questions they may have


Laboratories are the transition from theory to practice

Case studies

Present and elaboration on real or virtual complex issues

Lectures by distinguished speakers

To update students on current issues related to their studies

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Registration requirements

All applicants should meet the following conditions:

Admission procedures

  • City Unity College Application Form
  • Review of past academic records
  • Review of required documentation by local authorities - Only for International applicants


Academic entry requirements

  • High School Leaving Certificates 10th& 12thLevel (min 50% GPA) – International students
  • High School Leaving Certificate (min 60% / 12 out of 20) – European students
  • English Language Certificate.

Students that show no proof of English proficiency must take the Placement Test and depending on how they score they will be placed in either one (1) or two (2) semesters Foundation program. *International students are requested to submit a number of other supportive documents required by the Cyprus Migration departments

Why study at City Unity College?

Accredited Programmes of Study
Experienced Academic Staff
Affordable tuition fees
Programme flexibility
Fingertip access to all learning material (Online & Mobile App learning platform - eClass)
Collaboration with overseas Universities
Modern technology used in classrooms, amphitheaters and laboratories
College campus composed of 4 buildings (modern cafeterias, restaurant, conference facilities)
Multi workshops and seminars with guest speakers from the industry
Strong student support services
Opportunity support in research
Member of the Erasmus+ mobility scheme