Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes

The academics of City Unity College Nicosia have started their work on a Special Issue for an academic journal Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes (WHATT). The special issue was proposed by Associate Professor Zanete Garanti (City Unity College Nicosia) and Senior Lecturer Galina Berjozkina (City Unity College Nicosia) and was accepted by WHATT editor Dr. Richard Teare. The Special Issue will be published as volume 14, number 4, year 2022.

Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes (WHATT) is an international academic journal, published by Emerald Publishing Limited since 2009 and edited by Dr. Richard Teare. Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes provide thematic reviews of the major challenges facing the tourism and hospitality industry today. Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes aims to make a practical and theoretical contribution to hospitality and tourism development by focusing on key industry issues. Every theme issue consists of an interrelated collection of articles that taken together, address a strategic industry challenge.

The theme issue title is What are the challenges and opportunities for tourism sustainability in Cyprus? The theme issue will empathize industry-academia-public sector cooperation and aims to provide practical and theoretical implications for the sustainability of the tourism industry in Cyprus. In the light of the economic and health crisis faced by all countries, discussing sustainability approaches and challenges is particularly important, as many countries will aim for quick economic recovery, rather than a slower approach to more sustainable tourism industry in the future.

In the Special Issue, two thematic literature review articles will discuss the main sustainability concepts and issues regarding stakeholder involvement in sustainability. Three data review and evidence-based articles will cover the topics of green finance for the tourism industry, resident perceptions on the environmental and social impact hotels have created in coastal regions, and sustainable destination management from the perspective of different regions in Cyprus. Articles that aim to have interactions with practitioners and practical solutions will look at how Cyprus Sustainable Tourism Initiative and Cyprus Hotelier Association are working to raise the standards for sustainability, opportunities for the regions that currently are having less tourism activity to succeed in the future, opportunities for sustainable tourism development that technological developments, innovation, and smart tourism approach provide and finally, discuss how sustainability is implemented, discussed, presented and encouraged in tourism education.

Zanete Garanti, City Unity College Nicosia, Cyprus,

Galina Berjozkina, City Unity College Nicosia, Cyprus,