Erasmus+ mobility

Erasmus in CityU

CityU operates at the center of the educational sector of Nicosia. It is proud of its continuous progress in terms of cultural expression and creativity.

CityU is a private institution of Higher Education located in Nicosia, Cyprus. The College, which commenced operation in 2014 at its 19 Stasinou Str. was set up to provide a high standard of tertiary level (higher) education and since then has achieved an outstanding reputation in Hospitality, Management, Accounting, Finance, Business and Computing Studies.

CityU has two modern buildings with state of the art facilities. The new building is only a few minutes’ walk from the main building located in the same street. Both premises of the College are fully operational since August 2016. The new building has dramatically improved the facilities available to faculty and students and has marked the beginning of a new era for the College. Operating in an impartially diverse community, CityU places great emphasis on the ability to transfer knowledge through high quality teaching techniques in an environment that reflects values and encourages integrity.

Well-designed educational pathways, taught and supported by the CityU team of high qualified professionals, will aim in shaping you up academically but also sculpture your personality; a quality fading out with time. At CityU we believe in students who are committed in achieving excellence and together will put aside all life obstacles in order to achieve the set goals and reach the dream.

By participating in the ERASMUS+ Programme we are planning to modernize our institution in accordance with Europe 2020 strategy. CityU is planning to organize and implement international cooperation projects within the framework of Erasmus Plus Programme (Key action 1, key action 2, key action 3, Jean Monet and Sports).

Our institution has a holistic international strategy which sets forth a series of steps to enable the College to reinforce and expand the international reputation in all its endeavors, including being recognized internationally in higher education offering quality learning, teaching, research and enterprise. The international strategy covers both EU and non-EU countries.

These aims are all facilitated and delivered through a range of approaches including:

  1. The development of key sustainable partnerships with comparable universities globally, especially in Europe.
  2. Student and staff mobility within Europe, using Erasmus where possible, and outside of Europe using inter-institutional agreements and Memoranda of Understanding.
  3. Opportunities for students to engage in a professional training year with both national and international employers especially in the SME sector.

Cyprus applies an ECTS compatible credit system, which allows making the process of recognition easy. Receiving visiting lecturers (including under Erasmus) adds to the international character of our education. Opportunities provided to our own academics to visit universities around and outside Europe directly lead to enhanced cooperation in joint teaching programs and multi-lateral research activities. CityU’s administrative staff also benefits from international cooperation activities. We see the huge importance of cooperating with partners from outside of EU, in order to attract more students and researchers into the EU education market we need to stimulate staff exchange with non-EU countries as well. CityU enthusiastically supports the European modernization and internationalization agenda. It has embraced the Bologna Process from the very beginning. So far we are on the way to cooperate with institutions and companies not only in Cyprus, but also from various EU countries. We are planning to continue and enhance the existing cooperation, as well as to search for new opportunities.