Career Center

Career Center

City Unity College offers free Career Center services to its students and graduates including:

Group Career Seminars: CV Writing, creation of cover letter, provision of electronic and printed samples, references to main mistakes of an indifferent CV, methods for job seeking, questions and answers for the first and next interviews, career counseling, work environment and opportunities per case.

Individual meetings: creation and update of CV and cover letter

Professional principles test: In cooperation with psychologists and counselors

Promotion of CVs to targeted enterprises

Participation in career days of City Unity College: interview appointments with targeted enterprises

The programme is open to students and graduates of City Unity College. It is also open to their parents, if they wish to participate in the programme after they contact the coordinator of the program.

In order to participate in the programme, please fill in the application form. If a person applies for participation in the seminar but does not participate, he/she loses the right of participation.