The CityU Students and Alumni Club (CUCSAC) is an Association whose goal is mutual support among members and the personal and professional development of each one of you as well as the establishment of City Unity College as an educational institution of high quality.

The Alumni Association is a reflection of our past, a representation of today’s life, and a link to guide us and unite us for future activities. It is the vision of a “family relationship” that promotes ongoing relationship, brings together and supports its members, requires collective, active participation and interaction, and is essential for our future course.

CUCSAC maintains and provides access to a database of members and users, who occupy many different positions in Greek and international companies and also provides a job search facility within its network, in collaboration with the Career Center of City Unity College.

We are committed to devote the necessary resources for the success of this Association. We would like you all to get involved in any way you will choose to contribute to the operation and success of the Alumni Association.

Join CUCN Alumni Team